This topic rings a bell right? Yeah I thought so too.

This word “VISUALS” has a way of speaking to the brain, little wonder Global Hue said “the only thing shorter than a tweet or post is a picture” There is a psychology behind visuals it speaks to the mind and it is strategic in your social media creation this is why one must key into ‘visuals and its lucky streak.

Images are critically important in social media marketing strategies across just about every platform. While platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are obvious, most of the other major platforms have made changes that will make visuals more prominent and give images more space.

People process visual information 60,000 times faster than text, which explains why 93 percent of the most engaging posts on Facebook include images. In fact, Facebook led the charge; with wider, taller images in their news feed design, though Twitter and LinkedIn weren’t far behind.

With the above it is expected that one looks for visuals that communicate effectively when creating a social media post

Here are some notable pointers for you:

  • Think Aesthetics:  Be consistent with colors, choose clear and nice looking fonts, choose the right imagery and filters and finally look out for positioning.
  • Use Cartoons and Funny Images:  Including humor works all the time because it’s a great way to generate traffic to your platform, I mean, who doesn’t like to take a break and laugh away their stress and worries. The effect of laughter brings about a positive psychological experience in the viewer
  • Use Videos: Videos generate 80% of more conversion across most social media platforms they are very engaging and people tend to watch till the end depending on how engaging your video is and according to Cisco Visual Networking Index, around 78% of all data traffic in 2020 will consist of video, so what other way to go rather than stay abreast of trends.
  • Be Consistent:  Use the same template in your posts and think your brand colors to generate a unique style template. For example:if you visit our Instagram page, you will notice the consistency; we also do this across every social media platform of ours. Our handle on Instagram and Twitter is : @vanaija_hub

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