While we wish you Happy Mother’s Day, we bring you this piece….

Often times a mom is saddled with endless task ranging from mundane chores to playing super hero roles like being a protector, disciplinarian and at the same time building a strong bond with their children.

The most rewarding job ever is being a mom and trust me not everyone can carry out this task successfully, not when you have to balance your career alongside building your family. Often times mothers settle for putting their career on hold while raising their family.

So in balancing this role and automatically transforming into a supermom a mother can play all the duties assigned to her without breaking out with torrents of sweats or going bonkers.

How? You ask…. By simply outsourcing, get yourself a virtual assistant (VA).

Here are some of the benefits of getting a VA

  • They can help with tracking events/setting reminders and event planning proper (birthdays, anniversaries etc.)
  • Handle your booking service (hospital appointment, vendor sourcing ranging from handymen to janitors etc.)
  • Researching and providing reports on products and services
  • Handling school runs, after school activities and family vacations.

We are certain that you will look at your role as a mother a little differently now.


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