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Virtual Assistant for busy professionals

Swamped with work?

Your to-do list is endless, and you won’t even stop adding to it because more and more things are there to be done. You need to make travel plans but there is no time for it. Your appointment list is almost killing you. And there is still that annoying mountain paperwork to be done.

All these overwhelms you and you need help.

Virtual Assistant Naija Hub will give you peace of mind.

Who We Are

A virtual assistant hub in Nigeria


We love being a virtual assistant almost as much as you love your business. Virtual assistants are self emplyed experts who work for clients from a remote location. With specific skills sets, they can serve multiple clients and work on different projects. We are a virtual assistant in Nigeria

Virtual Assistant Naija Hub ( is your one stop shop for business owners to connect with highly skilled virtual specialist who in turn handles all their administrative need

Virtual Assistant Naija Hub can help you:


Drive your business


Saves You Time


Reduce Workload


Decrease Operational Cost

We can help your business

We do all sorts of VA stuff and our people are.



Fast, affordable and gets the job done to your satisfaction.



Our virtual assistants have gathered years of experience working on their craft. 



We are always there to listen to you.

Let’s relieve your workload  

Services we can fill for your business


Social Media Handling


Admin & Paperwork




Business Consultation


Transcribing and Translating


Email Handling




Event Planning


Blog Management


Web Development




Content Creation


Branding Services


Press Releases


Customer Services


Writing and Editing


Graphics Design

Our Virtual Assistants aren’t expensive either

Check out these prices which are totally insane.

Our clients love us so much 

See what some of our clients think of our virtual assistants.

Tolulope Jacobs

“I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing services. I sincerely appreciate it.”

Diego Ifé

“I just want to extend a massive thank you for the invaluable service VANH have consistently provided.

We have had many demands across corporate logo designs, website creation, management accounts and other ad-hoc administrative assistance. Every time the service has been ace, reliable and at times – even ahead of schedule.

I could go on with the eulogising, but I’ll stop here. Basically I highly recommend their services – you will be in good hands for sure.”

Bumni Odukoya

“Thank you! Thank you (twice for good measure) to VANH for helping me navigate a difficult phase in my business journey.

I needed a website and app for my women in business lifestyle and financial, and it had been very challenging and frustrating process; finding a reliable web designer with reasonable prices and good communication was seeming almost impossible.

However, VANH popped up by chance during a random scrolling session on IG. My call was answered even at an ‘ungodly’ hour, my needs were acknowledged and work began the next day. The cost for construction was lower than anticipated – I retained 25% of my budget, and I received regular, scheduled communication from their IT project manager – right through to completion.

What can I say?! You honestly can’t go wrong – do quote my name when enquiring for services!”


Got questions about your Virtual Assistant? 

If your question isn’t answered in out F.A.Q. below please give us a call on 0814 001 2643

Who are virtual assistants

A virtual assistant or VA is a specialist who provides administrative, marketing, project management, creative and technical support to business owners, entrepreneurs and other busy professionals.

What are the benefits of using a VA?
  • Getting instant support of a highly skilled individual and at exactly when you need their services.
  • Payments are made only for the time spent on your project or task.
  • It reduces ones overhead as well as employee benefit, taxes and insurance.
How long does it take for my Project/Task to get completed?

We are committed to delivering on time, Turnaround time can depend on the complexity and urgency of the project or tasks at hand.

Our delivery time is mostly between 24 to 48 hours if your project is time sensitive.

How do we communicate and work together?

We communicate mostly via emails, phone calls, skype, messengers, screen sharing and project management tools. We will do our best to use our client preferred means of communication.

How do we assign Virtual Assistant?

We assign virtual assistants based on the types of projects that the VA will be working on and the skills needed. Before we assign a VA, we contact you to learn what projects you will have your VA work on. Based on this information, we identify a VA with the appropriate skills for the project to assign to you.

Does my hours roll over?

No, they do not. For this reason, we suggest that you conservatively estimate how many hours of assistance you will need before selecting a plan. If you need additional hours, you can upgrade at any time.

What if I run out of hours?

If you run out of hours simply request for extra hours or upgrade your plan. You will have 30 days from the time of your upgrade to use your newly purchased hours.

How does the billing cycle work?

You are billed on the day that you sign up and then billed again every 30 days thereafter. For example, if you sign up on January 03, you will next be billed for your plan on February 03. If you upgrade your plan before the end of the 30 days, your billing period will reset from the day of the upgrade.

Do I get the same Virtual Assistant all the time?

Our virtual assistants are all dedicated. That means each time you work with a VA they get to know you, your needs, and the way you like to work. EXCEPT you are on our RETAINER/CUSTOMIZED plan.

What qualification do our VAs hold?

We pride ourselves to be a premium virtual assistant in Nigeria. Our VAs are specialists in their field. For example; your marketing work is done by professionals with marketing backgrounds, administrative work is done by experienced executive assistants, our paralegals have worked at established firms from “Big Law” to boutique.

Furthermore, all our VAs are graduates, with bachelor’s degrees from accredited universities.

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